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Galileo Learning

Well if you have an eye for biology, chemistry ,physics, and engineering? Need volunteer hours, or just try to get an internship? Well then Galileo Learning is having an internship in the east bay! Come all and get your hands dirty, for science. There would be postions for you to work in like,work in the office, assist in the classroom, and participate in all-camp games, skits and activities. Internship goes to anyone going to 9th-12th grade, also it’s free.Galileo is looking for Summer Interns to support operations of their innovative science-based programs at 38 summer day camp sites. You could make new friends, gain experience, and have a much more professional tone.
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Galileo Learning

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Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente’s KP LAUNCH programs offer young adults a variety of paid internship opportunities in our Oakland headquarers and administrative offices, as well as medical offices across northern California. Our goal is to build and sustain a
diverse, culturally competent workforce for the future. To achieve that goal we reserve our intern positions for young people that
would otherwise lack the resources to explore career in health.* By providing these young people a chance to learn from
inspiring health care professionals and leaders, they can build a valuable professional network. They also gain practical skills
and work experiences by focusing on projects that matter. As part of our team, KP LAUNCH interns are helping Kaiser Permanen
te shape the future of health care.
*Because KP LAUNCH programs are funded through our community investment portfolio, our internship positions are not available to relatives of Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians.

Kaiser Permanenete Internships
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Galileo Operation Intern

Want to get that summer job doing what you love, which is science. Are you in Highschool or College ready to show of those amazing work skills you got? Well, Galileo got your back! Galileo’s mission is to develop innovators who envision and create a greater world; they know it’s bold. They also know that they can’t achieve it without asking staff to be role models of an innovator’s mindset—visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined and reflective. You won't have much time to relax because most of the time is mostly done trying to help out, but the best part is being proud of all the work you did finish.Depending on the day, that could mean donning a tutu for a skit, creating a gorgeous sign that highlights the Galileo Innovation Approach, or playing a board game with two campers to build connection. You're also going to need to be good with kids, you know what I mean. You should smile more and laugh too!Galileo is asking you to give commitment to educational programming for children, flexibility to meet changing work needs and demands, ability to work collaboratively on a high-functioning team, openness to feedback and desire to grow professionally, ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently and accurately, need strong organization skills and attention to detail. Also, ability to communicate clearly, maturely and compassionately with families of the student and ability to maintain an excellent work ethic, a high level of energy and exceptional enthusiasm all day, every day, for the duration of the summer. We need to know that you had experience with kids, must be sixteen years old by your camp’s first day of operation, with a work permit valid through August 2017 if under 18. Also we would like it if you had upper-level high school student, college student or graduate, sorry middle schoolers. You should also unmderstand that the work hours are going to be metal, you must have a strong dedication to this internship.

The start of the day may start at 7:30 am and end of the day would be 6 pm. Goes Monday-Friday, number of hours and start/finish time will vary by site, position and day. The staff meetings would be before or after th program, before the first day. The location will be in Berkley so in the bay.

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