Our goal here at Teenjobsily is to help the next generation find their passion.
Young adults that have not made up their minds for their futures make up 62%.
We're here to help make decisions easier or open the student's horizons.
TeenJobsily was created to help teens in search of internships, jobs, and careers in the Bay Area.
Most of the opportunities are located in San Francisco, Oakland, and in your community. Most job options are from large succesful company branches(Macy's, GAP, Pizza Hut, etc.). The internships vary from the sciences to the arts all available in the Bay, some might require a resume or wll help cover volunteer hours. Careers is filled with different career path sone could choose to make in the future. Perhaps it's engineering or hairstyling; information will be available. The quiz available is designed to match you up with a possible career based on a few personality questions.

The quiz is highly recommended.

If you are having trouble finding certain areas on your phone or google map.
We have them marked! Just click the Locations button and you'll have a view of whichever opportunity you are seacrhing. Keep in mind not all places will not have the same availability and that we have no promises that you will be taken in by the program or job. Have fun searching.